Win+Win Family: Happy Parents Raising Thriving Children (PDF ebook)

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Raising young children doesn’t have to leave you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain.

It can be a time you thrive and feel empowered while raising the little ones that you love. In a refreshing deviation from hearing only lists of what you “must do” to set young children up for success, Seth and Lauren pass along mindsets and skills to create a thriving family--not only for your children, but for yourself as well.

In Win+Win Family you will learn how to…

  • Cultivate a peaceful home

  • Value yourself and value your child

  • Establish manners, easy bedtimes, and no whining--universal tips to motivate your children and establish a healthy family culture

  • Create simple practices and routines that set up your children up to be successful adults

  • Bring intentionality and consistency into your family’s life

Win+Win Family will help you intentionally parent your children so that, as a family, you can step into all God has for you.

This book was previously released as Win+Win Parenting: Happy Parents Raising Thriving Children.