Raising Spirit-Led Kids & Win+Win Parenting

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With all the responsibilities parents have raising children, one key area is often neglected: helping sons and daughters understand and grow in their spiritual gifting at any age.

In this groundbreaking resource, children's pastor Seth Dahl helps parents minister to and with their children, shaping them into the gifted individuals God designed them to be, while simultaneously doing damage to the kingdom of darkness. He covers important topics such as:

· creating a culture of faith at home
· helping your children navigate spiritual realities
· guiding your children to live out the kingdom in their everyday lives
· and more!

By using the practical tools offered in this book, you be able to guide your children effectively and confidently. Bring the life-changing power of God into your home and raise Spirit-led kids.

Does raising young children leave you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain? It doesn't have to!

It can be a time you thrive and feel empowered while raising the little ones that you love. In a refreshing deviation from hearing only lists of what you “must do” to set young children up for success, Seth and Lauren pass along mindsets and skills to create a thriving family--not only for your children, but for yourself as well.

In Win-Win Parenting you will learn how to…

  • Cultivate a peaceful home

  • Value yourself and value your child

  • Establish manners, easy bedtimes, and no whining--universal tips to motivate your children and establish a healthy family culture

  • Create simple practices and routines that set up your children up to be successful adults

  • Bring intentionality and consistency into your family’s life

Win-Win Parenting will help you intentionally parent your children so that, as a family, you can step into all God has for you.

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