"Heroes of the Bible" Devotional Cards

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In today's culture, our kids don't have many heroes to look up to. Instead of creating a fictional superhero, I wanted to take the stories of real, Biblical heroes and transform them into legendary tales that our kids can hold onto and tell for years to come. The idea behind the Heroes of the Bible story cards is to give parents a practical and easy touchpoint for bedtimes or even throughout the day as a source of inspiration for your kids. 

Each one of the images has been custom drawn by a young artist, and they provide a new look into the stories and what they may have looked like. Each story was crafted with the help of the Holy Spirit to highlight the heroic and honorable details in each hero's journey. While they were not perfect, our heroes made steps of faith to activate the favor of God on their lives. 


  • 12 front and back eco-friendly printed 9"x6" cards with a picture on the front and the text of the story on the back 
  • Custom hand-drawn artwork by Makenzie Webb
  • A devotional card with Scripture and a prayer for each Bible story
  • Landscape Design for easy framing and beautiful display
  • A poplar wooden holder to display your cards in your child's room or anywhere in your home

What stories are included?

Hannah Prays, Esther Saves Her People, God Tests Gideon's Army, Samson Gets a Haircut, Samson’s Mother Meets an Angel, Samuel Hears God, Joshua and the Tent of Meeting, Sarah with Baby Isaac, Abraham and the Stars, Noah and the Ark, Moses and the Burning Bush, and Enoch Walks with God.